TNT Towing is a leading company which provides the top notch towing solutions for commercial purposes. They are the most trusted and renowned towing firm in Alberta having experience of over 41 years in that field. It is highly imperative to tow exotic driving machines and other vehicles with proper care and attention, TNT Towing are specialize to offering damage-free car towing services for vehicles of all types.

They have large fleet of trucks and 35 dispatched units to tow any vehicle. Whether it is a broken down boat golf cart or a large semi truck in the ditch, TNT Towing is can fulfill all the towing needs. You can also get towing service for your salvage vehicles. They are ready to help you in moving anything or anywhere you need. TNT Towing is also known for their fast response time and estimated arrival time.

Here are some services offered by TNT Towing:

Light towing: They can assist you in your all types of light towing needs with their expensive collection of trucks. Whether your car is not working properly or you are in an accident. The professional staff of TNT Towing come can tow your vehicle in professional manner with their advanced equipment. You don’t need to worry about any harm to your vehicle by availing their towing services.

Heavy towing: They also take care of heavy machinery or vehicles. They utilize their powerful trucks to lift or tow and make the job easier for the heaviest of towing situations. You can even get assistance in heavy towing for local and long distance.

Recoveries: The professional team of TNT Towing is also specialize in offering top class recovery services which include, motor home recovery, ice recovery and air craft recovery. Their powerful trucks can also pull out the fully loaded trailer which has gets off the road.

Whether you need Lethbridge auto wreckers or AMA tow trucks in Lethbridge, you can undoubtedly rely on TNT Towing.

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Contact Info: 218, 36th Street North, Lethbridge (Alberta) T1H 3Z7

Phone: 1 403-327-4279